Continuous ImprovementWe pride ourselves on the delivery of quality projects for our customers, while ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for our employees.

As part of this process, this we have implemented an integrated Occupational Health and Safety System in our Company Policy Document.

Independent third party audits conducted across our OHS systems and internal safety procedures ensures best practice based on AS/NZS 4801. We have a comprehensive safety system in place across all aspects of the business in full compliance with Workplace Health and Safety legislation. In 2008, the company achieved finalist status in the DOCEP Work Safety Awards WA.

We are continually striving to improve our safety process and quality procedures. We engage and encourage staff and management to actively contribute to the continuous improvement of the company and our systems.

Staff and management are engaged in project specific safety management and made aware of their responsibilities at the planning stage, through progress meetings, pre-start meetings job safety analysis, and toolbox talks.

In order to promote a positive safety culture at each and every operational location, we incorporate safety behavioral initiatives throughout company worksites.

The company policy document is regularly reviewed to ensure best practice in the changing environment.

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